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Just by visiting the site you have taken the first step to taking action on your fitness goals! We will help you build a strong foundation and teach you the importance of a balanced nutrition plan! .

We're passionate about helping you improve your health and getting into the best shape of your life! We'll help you acquire new skill sets while remaining accountable to your fitness goals!

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"
-Colin Powell

Personal Training

Our San Diego Personal training is an exciting discipline that combines exercise, stretching, nutrition and more to set people on a path to better health.
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Nutritional Coaching

Our nutrition only coaching provides a customized diet and supplement schedule tailored specifically for you to obtain the maximum results possible!
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Competition Prep

Our coaching programs are for NPC and IFBB competitors who are preparing for a fitness competition. Each program is tailored to suit your specific body type and your lifestyle.   Read more

Posing Routines

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with ongoing support and updates you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance.
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Need a solid contest prep coach you can always count on? Look no further!

Strive Elite Fitness caters to both NPC and IFBB competitors and lifestyle fitness clients. Strive Elite Fitness is uniquely positioned to help both lifestyles achieve their fitness goals! We are Passionate. We are Committed. We are STRIVE ELITE!

Why choose us?

  • Free Initial Assessment
  • Personalized Diet Plan
  • Weekly Check-ins and progress evaluation
  • Customized Cardio Schedule
  • Unlimited Email and Text Support
  • Ongoing updates and team support you can count on

Strive Elite Coaches

Sara Ard

Strive Elite Fitness is founded by IFBB Pro and 2X Olympian Sara Ard. She specializes in and holds the following NASM Certifications:
CPT: Certified Personal Trainer
CES: Corrective Exercise Specialist
PES: Performance Exercise Specialist
ACE: Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Sara also holds a B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management with a second B.S. in Business Management along with a high level of understanding for nutrition. This uniquely positions our team to create customized, nutritious, and most importantly — result driven meal plans!

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Sara Ard

Sara is an IFBB Figure Pro and 2X Figure Olympian. She is the Head Coach for both competition and lifestyle clients. She also assists with posing and training for all Strive Elite athletes. She holds a B.S. in Sports Management and a second B.S. in Business Management. She handles the operations of the business as well as the logistics (suit and short selections, registration, tanning, travel, etc) for all athletes during competition prep. 


NASM Personal Trainer
CPR and AED Certified
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
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Are you looking to compete in a fitness competition?

We know exactly what it takes to get you stage ready! From personal training –> nutrition –>  posing –> strategies –> We Can Help! Strive Elite Fitness offers all the tools and resources you need to step on stage looking your absolute BEST! Join our team of NPC and IFBB athletes and become part of one of the most supportive and dedicated fit families in the country!

Men’s Physique

The possibilities are truly endless in this division. Judges take into consideration muscularity and body condition as well as stage presence and personality.

Women’s Figure Division

A wonderful division for females with judging based on muscularity with separation, Overall muscle tone and firmness, make-up, skin tone and posing. ..

Women’s Bikini Division

A popular division for women with judging based on overall balance and shape of physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise, and overall presentation.

Client Reviews:

Join our other Happy Clients of Strive Elite Fitness and see why they love it so much!

“Competing had always been a dream of mine and they made it a reality! Never in a million year did I think my body was capable of transforming the way it did but he was sure to prove me wrong! .”  — Emily Empero

“Be perfect in your personal pursuit of excellence!”


--Christopher Ford


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