Online Coaching

Let’s start with the common question “What is online coaching?”

Online Coaching is generally a more affordable and flexible option for those who would like and need the assistance of a personal trainer and/or nutrition coach. Everyone from beginners to experienced bodybuilding competitors can benefit from the nutrition and programming guidance that Titan Fitness and Nutrition provides. It can also be particularly useful for people with busy lives, time constraints, and even those who prefer not to meet with a personal trainer weekly on a 1 on 1 basis.

All of our online programs include detailed assessments, a nutrition program customized just for you, tailored workout regimen and goal-setting. This is all done with a very high-level of accountability for both our clients and our coaches. Your online trainer is regularly accessible —via email, phone, text, or webcam.

Overview of our online programs:

black checkmark Customized nutrition plan

black checkmarkTailored workout regimen

black checkmarkTraining and dietary adjustments based on progress

black checkmarkWeekly check-ins and progress report

black checkmarkUnlimited email support for questions and concerns

black checkmarkEducation throughout the entire process

black checkmarkFlexible dieting

black checkmarkSupportive Team Titan clients and athletes

black checkmarkCardio & supplement recommendations

black checkmarkSkype or video conferences available

Additional services for competitors:

black checkmarkCustomized peak week plan

black checkmarkDay-to-day communication during peak week

black checkmarkPersonal assistance the day of show (if local to LA/San Diego)

black checkmarkConstant support via phone calls, text messaging, video, etc. the day of show (outside of LA/San Diego area)


Below is a list of our online coaching packages:

Prometheus Package

You will become a Team Titan athlete. This package is for Contest Preparation Only – The Prometheus package includes 16 weeks of contest prep.  This includes weekly one on one check-ins and fully detailed and customized nutrition plan. This plan also includes your training training protocol based on your specific body type and goals needed to be stage ready. Posing guidance for males and females also included. Supplement guidance is provided, but optional. We have a reputation in winning and we take contest prep very serious. Consistent communication between coach and athlete will be maintained.

Hyperion Package

Our Hyperion package is a 12 week Package Plus – It’s designed for lifestyle clients or people that have already been working out consistently and do not require a full 16 week preparation. It’s also ideal for people who have also competed before and want to dramatically improve their stage appearance and placing. As with the Prometheus package, it includes customized nutrition plan, personalized training program, supplement guidance and posing.

Titan Tough

This is an 8 week program and is designed more for lifestyle clients with the goal of getting into shape and transforming not only their body, but mindset. This program includes personalized nutrition plan and training regimen. Check-ins will be weekly.

Titan Sexy

This is a 5 week starter program designed for those looking to lose some quick weight for an upcoming event, such as a wedding or reunion. This program includes personalized nutrition plan and training regimen. Check-ins will be weekly. 

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